Europe 2021. First Half Market up 24.2%, even above the 2019 line


European Motorcycles Market is speeding up. In the first half 2021 sales have been 913.410, up 24.2% vs the 2020 and 6.5% vs the 2019. Compared to the 2020, all markets are growing apart Sweden (-25%), Finland (-19%) and Bulgaria (-5%).

Please note data reported regards the motorcycles industry in large extended, including not only 2/3 wheelers as moped, scooter, motorcycles, but even other vehicles, like ATVs, usually included in this industry. Differently from ACEA and other local sources (like FEBIAC), we do not consider the powered-bicycles inside the industry, even because data available regards only registered bicycles and are limited to those countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France) where a plate is required.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

The European motorcycles market was resilient to the pandemic crisis in the 2020 ending the year with a moderate lost although the biggest markets were in lockdown for over 1/6 of the year.

Then, high level of registrations reported in the Q4 2020, related to the manufacturers push to register high volumes of euro4 models, no more sellable from January this year caused an almost negative start of the year with both January and February below the previous year sales level. However, starting from March sales boomed, not only compared to the shutdown 2020 period, but even to the pre-covid 2019.

Definitively we can affirm that this industry has been pushed up by demand for individual mobility and low emission vehicles.

In the first half 2021 sales have been 913.410, up 24.2% vs the 2020 and 6.5% vs the 2019. Compared to the 2020, all markets are growing apart Sweden (-25%), Finland (-19%) and Bulgaria (-5%). 

Market leader was again Honda with 132.905 sales (+38.9%) followed by Yamaha with 95.293 (+17.2%) and Piaggio with 90.675 (+22.9%).

Outstanding performance for Zontes (+730%), Benelli (+88%), NIU (+97%) and V-Moto (+107%).

Following the already bad 2020 performance HarleyDavidson is losing 24.2%, penalized by increased duties on import from USA.

In 2020, KTM shining in a market moderately positive

The covid 19 has changed the European motorcycles market introducing an acceleration towards the electrification process, almost slow until last year and enhancing the two wheeler mobility plus compared with public transportations.

Of course, when in the March-May period almost all major market have been blocked due to the lockdowns measures taken to counteract the virus first wave, the continental sales declined sharply.

However, the day after activities restarted (between May and June) two wheelers showrooms have been targeted by a growing number of people, most of them approaching the sector for the very first time. And sales rebound fast.

Between May and June the most of sales previously lost have been recovered with Year to date September sales down only 0.6% compared with the correspondent period last year.

Although the impact of Covid19 second wave, in the Q4 the two-wheeler market was resilient, thanks to the additional stimulus  generated by the expected changes in the emission rules, effective from January 1st, 2021, when only euro5 vehicles will be registered.

Thus, following the +4.0% reported in October and the +12.6% in November, with December again strong (+25%), the total  2/3 wheeler plus ATV/RUV sales in the European Community +EFTA+UK in the entire year has been 1.52 million, +2.5% from the previous year.

Looking at the single countries, the largest market  was  France  ending the year marginally down (-1.9%) while, the second was Italy (-4.9%), and – thanks to a huge +51.5 scored in the Q3, in third place there is Germany (+20.2%).

The fourth largest market is Spain (-9.9%) followed the UK (-2.9%) and the Netherlands (+34.3%).

In the same period, the market leader, Honda sold in the entire European region 185.000 vehicles (-11.7%).

In second place Piaggio with 165.000 (+3.8%) and in third the Japanese rival Yamaha with 158.000 (+1.6%).

Behind BMW with sales at 101.000 (-2.9%), the roaring KTM with 72.000 (+18.2%), Kymco with 70.000 (+0.3%), Kawasaki with 69.000 (+2.1%), SYM with 69.000 (+6.3%).