Spain 2021. First Half Sales still 9% below 2019

BMW R nineT family

Spanish Motorcycles Sales improved the speed in the Q2 while remaining widely below the pre-covid level. In the first half sales have been 91.460  (+24.7vs 2020 and -9.1% vs 2019). Gas Gas is resurging under KTM umbrella.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

The Spanish motorcycles market is expected to slow down the pace following the fast run scored in the second half 2020 and indeed, the first quarter was significantly negative compared with the previous year.

The market – usually operating with high dealer stock – was heavily pushed up in the Q4 2020 by self-registrations, related to the manufacturers push to register high volumes of euro4 models, no more sellable from January this year.

So, the start of 2021 was penalized by the need to clean up stock of pre-registered vehicles and sales declined in the Q1 at 36.707 (-4.6% vs the 2020 and -14.9% vs the 2019).

In the second quarter sales improved substantially ending while not again recovering the pre-covid level.

Indeed, in the first half sales have been 91.460  (+24.7vs 2020 and -9.1% vs 2019).

Market leader is again Honda with 17.193 sales (+39.1%) followed by Yamaha with 12.775 (+31.0%) and Piaggio with 6.992 (+18.2%).

Awful performance for Silence (-30%) and Harley-Davidson (-25%) while Gas Gas is resurging (+1170%)

In 2020, Motorcycles industry hit more than other top EU markets

Probably the pandemic hit Spain more than any other country in Europe and the economy ended the 2020 with the fastest deceleration among the European Community.

The motorcycles market from one side was pushed up by the growing demand for individual mobility and from the other side was pushed down by the reduced purchase power. In addition, the fleet mix in this market is the highest in the continent and this segment is really hit by the crisis in place.

As result, during the year the country has always underperformed the other largest European markets and in recent months has been heavily negative, due to lockdowns in almost all main areas. Consequently, following the October -14.6% and November -22.8% even in December the score was below other large countries, with sales at 15.102, up 13.0%. Full year 2020 sales have been 177.302 (-12.6%) three time higher than France and 2.5 time higher than Italy. In Portugal sales lost only 1.4%.

The 2021 outlook is positive while the growth should be lower than in the EU in average.

In 2020 the brand-wise ranking ended with the supremacy of Honda with 28.264 sales (-22.2%), followed by Yamaha with 23.139 (-10.2%) and Kymco with 16.461 (-11.6%).

In fourth place Piaggio with 15.815 (-10.8%) followed by BMW with 11.019 (-13.8%) and SYM with 9.172 (-10.1%).

In the 2020 Spain was the third largest market in Europe for electric vehicles, after The Netherlands and France.