United States 2021. Motorcycles market posted a spectacular Q1 (+33%)


United States Motorcycles industry roars ahead in the 2021 with a spectacular increase reported for the first quarter with all segments in great shape. Quarterly sales, near the 0.2 million, were up 33% from the previous year. Honda is leader in the two-wheeler segment and Polaris in the 4-wheelers.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

The motorcycles market is in great shape, fueled by the new demand for individual mobility which already supported the market last year and by the fast economic recovery in place.

This year was expected to be very strong, with ATV/RUV and off-road segment leading the industry growth, but the first quarter results have been well over expectations.

Sales at 196.833 (including ATVs, All motorcycles and scooter segments) were up one third from the correspondent period in the 2020, which was already better than in the previous year.

This year almost all segments are growing, while the market leader is again Honda with 35.814 sales (+27.5%) followed by Polaris with 28.048 (+17.6%) and Kawasaki with 20.318 (+28.0%).

Outstanding performance for Harley-Davidson (+36.2% vs Q1 2020) although the comparison with the 2’019 is negative (-12%).

In 2020 Polaris & Honda leaders in a double-face market

Following a series of declining years, the start of 2020 have been full of optimistic data, with the US motorcycles market, which was moderately growing in the first two months, even with Harley-Davidson in a growing path after almost a decade.

Unfortunately the scenario changed rapidly in March when the Covid19 spread across the nation progressively blocking the demand and has never recovered.

In reality, data for ATV/RUV are almost positive and benefit from demand in rural areas, while the motorcycles/scooter segment is losing terrain, although in US as in the rest of the World, the needs for individual mobility is growing up.

However, differently from the most of other countries, the politic actions against COVID19 has not been coordinated centrally and the sequel of lockdowns was state by state, frequently in conflict with the temporary White House tenant, and the judge the cause and the effects over our industry is almost hard, at the moment

We can just report figures and they tell us that the total industry has gained 4.8% year to date November compared with the correspondent period last year. However, the two-wheeler segment is declining 9.1% and the ATV/RUV segment is gaining a solid 26.2%.

In the most recent months, two-wheeler segment was almost negative with October -9% followed by November -10.5%.

Brand level, the winners are the 4 wheeler producers, with Polaris and Honda fighting for the total industry leadership.

The 2020 is projected to end at 780.000 units (+4.1%) and the trend is not expected to change during the first half 2021.