Great Britain 2021. Motorcycles Sales drop down sharply


British Motorcycles started the 2021 with an awful first quarter, losing over 30% from the 2019 and 20% from 2020 data. In April the market marginally recovered with sales up 15% over 2019, while comparison with 2020 has not sense due to the lockdown.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

The motorcycles market in UK started the year very badly, reporting the worst performance in the continent.

Last year, although the late government approach to covid19 restriction measures, the market managed to end the year in line with the previous level, while in single month or quarter sales variations year on year have been huge.

Now, as the country was the first in the continent to manage the pandemic, with the outstanding vaccination plan, economy struggles and demand for vehicles declines.

As the market is sharply declining, what’s to blame: Brexit or the pandemic?

As the UK government claimed on its website: “the UK and EU have agreed to unprecedented 100 per cent tariff liberalization. This means there will be no tariffs or quotas on the movement of goods we produce between the UK and EU.”

From the other side, is already clear the positive, not negative pandemic impacts over the two-wheeler industry, due to the individual use of this vehicles in respect of social distances and environment.

So, why market is declining? We suspect that the reason is behind the introduction of new emission standard, effective on January 2021. Looking art the fourth quarter 2020 sales their level was above any logic and probably a huge bulk of registrations have been made by distributors or dealers for bikes not sold to final customer.

Of course, since January the priority was to clean up showrooms from these motorcycles before to sell those to be registered.

However, first quarter sales were 18.970, down 20.4% versus the correspondent period in 2020 and down 30.1% compared with 2019.

Market leader is again Honda with 2.775 sales (-39.4%) followed by Yamaha with 2.168 (-18.3%) and Lexmoto with 1.034 (-29.7%).

In April sales have been 10.874 a huge increase over with April 2020 fall, but only 15% over the 2019. 

In 2020, Lexmoto shines in a market down 2.7%

Ending the year with fireworks, the British Motorcycles Market ended the 2020 with a mere 2.7% lost and thanks to the BREXIT last time agreement found between Johnson’s government and the European Community is ready to walk alone in the 2021.

The 2020 was really full of suspense, following the sharp decline caused by covid 19 spread in the second quarter and the recovery shown in Q3 and Q4 while the approach to the pandemic environment was embarrassing.

The market was sustained in the second half by new customers approaching the two wheeler for the very first time, with very young new customer, focused more oin the scooter segment, giving benefit to the market which recovered over 25% in the second half.

In December sales were 7.898 (+58.1%) ending the year with 104.525 sales (-2.7%), scoring over 100.000 units for the seventh consecutive year.

Looking at the competitive arena, Honda stands first with 17.072 sales (-18.5%) followed by Yamaha with 10.313 (-6.8%) and LexMoto with 10.201 (+54.2%).

In fourth place BMW with 7.683 (-17.5%) ahead of the British Triumph with 7.103 (-12.3%), KTM with 6.610 (+2.2%), Kawasaki with 6.348 (-10.3%), and Suzuki with 4.585 (+2.4%).

British Motorcycles
British Motorcycles