France 2021. Yamaha down 21% in a Q1 market up 22%

Vespa Primavera 125

French Motorcycles Market accelerated in the first quarter 2021 with sales up 22.4% from the correspondent period last year and even better than 2019. While losing 21.6%, Yamaha was again market leader, but Piaggio and Honda are now close.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

The French motorcycles market is in great shape, fueled by the new demand for individual mobility which already supported the market last year.

Although the high level of registrations reported in the Q4 2020, related to the manufacturers push to register high volumes of euro4 models, no more sellable from January this year, the first quarter 2021 started very well. Sales at 66.896, were obviously better than year ago, when the lockdown period blocked sales in mid March, with an increase of 22.4%.

However, the sign of market wellness is the 0.6% increase over the correspondent period in the 2019, in the pre-covid era, projecting the total year at the highest level in this decade.

Market leader is again Yamaha with 6.158 sales (-21.6%) followed by Piaggio with 4.797 (+8.7%) and Honda with 8.133 (+42.7%).

Outstanding performance for BMW (+40%), Aprilia (+55%) and KTM (+40.5%).

In 2020, Piaggio gains the second place in a market down 4%

Motorcycles industry in 2020 breached down the positive annual pathway and after the two previous positive years, with 2019 over 0.3 million sales, first time after seven years, last year sales declined.

However, the year was absolutely “acceptable” considering the final lost was in single digit, after the sharp Q3 lost. In addition the year accelerated the electrification process and new customers approached the industry, moved by the new desire for individual and safety mobility.

French Motorcycles

In the fourth quarter the second covid19 wave forced prolonged lockdown in the country, penalizing sales volume in October and November (-15.9%). Therefore, new registrations boomed in December (+45%) due to the expected introduction of Stage 5 euro emission level, in January, with several dealers and manufacturers pushing hard to reduce the euro 4 stock, including some self-registrations, which will penalize the start of the 2021.

December sales have been 17.158 (+45.8%) with full year figures at 295.100 (-4.1%). While the first quarter 2021 is foreseen slow, the 2021 projections are almost positive for the entire industry.

Brand-wise Yamaha confirmed in 2020 the leadership with 34.847 sales, -0.7%, followed by Piaggio 28.533 (+7.5%), which boomed (+60%) in December, with a good quote of self-registrations, gaining on the final line the second prize overtaking Honda now third with 27.083 (-18.2%).

In fourth place Peugeot with 18.554 (-10.4%) followed by BMW with 18.081 (+1.6%), Kawasaki with 14.024 (-14.1%) and SYM with 11.723 (+26.3%).