Egypt 2020. Pandemic effect moved the industry back at half million sales

Bajaj Boxer 150_Cafe racer modified

Egyptian Motorcycles pushed up by the pandemic in the 2020 raised back at  half million sales. Over the half of the market is controlled by low-cost Chinese models while Indian manufacturers are gaining terrain.

Egypt is one of the largest Motorcycles market in Africa.

Reaching a best-in-the-decade record of 0.7 million units in the 2012, the market declined in the following years, mainly due to a temporary ban applied by the government to import. However since the 2017 the market growing back, although sales have been penalized by high duties and high inflation, losing progressively terrain.

The last arguable decision was taken at the end of the 2018 when new duties has been imposed on the rickshaw segment, exactly when the Italian Piaggio was starting local production and distribution, with the results of a fall of the rickshaw segment by over 60% in the 2019.

During the 2020, the covid19 spread enhanced the demand for individual mobility with strong benefit for the industry which fast increased in the entry level segment, dominated by Chinese and Indian manufacturers.

Full year sales grew up at near half million units, pushed up by demand for entry level. The most benefit manufacturers have been the Chinese and The Indian (Bajaj Motor, TVS, Hero).