Brazil 2020. Honda underperformed in a market down 14%

Brazilian Motorcycles Market
Brazilian Motorcycles Market

Brazilian Motorcycles market ended the Q4 2020 in negative territory and the year resulted to be one of the worst in recent years. Total sales were 932.368, down 14%. The market dominator, Honda, lost more than the industry.

In Brazil the automotive industry has been hardly hit by covid 19 spread, while the motorcycles sector trend is running  much better than the car sector.

In the second quarter sales felt down 61%, although the government limited lock down actions to “protect” the economy.

The market shown a recovery starting with July, with Q3 sales up 0.6%, before to show up and down in this fourth quarter, which was again negative.

Finally the 2020 ended with 932.368 sales, down 14% from the previous year.

looking at the competitive arena, the market dominator, Honda which sold 734.744 units (-16.6%) lost more than the industry.

In second place Yamaha managed to gain 2.4% with 149.124 sales and even the third, BMW, improved with 110.697 sales (+4.2%).

In fourth place Kawasaki is shining with 8.889 units (+7.5%) followed by Suzuki with 6.840 (-44.6%) and Triumph with 4.330 (-18.1%).