Germany. Harley-Davidson struggles in a 2-Wheeler market fast growing in October again

Germany Motorcycles
Germany Motorcycles

Germany Motorcycles sales kept the amazing trend in October total 12.464 sales, up 23.8%. After ten months in the 2020, sales have been 213.178 (+14.8%). Piaggio is market leader, while Harley-Davidson struggles.

Economic Environment

The economy should have emerged from recession in the third quarter. Industrial production swung from contraction in Q2 to expansion in July–August, and private-sector operating conditions improved markedly in the quarter from Q2. Furthermore, consumer sentiment turned noticeably less sour in Q3, which, coupled with falling prices, should have supported private consumption.

Meanwhile, turning to Q4, a new round of restrictive measures—including bar and restaurant curfews and limits on social gatherings—announced in mid-October to curb the second wave of Covid-19 infections will likely derail recently regained economic momentum. In other news, the Cabinet approved the 2021 draft budget in late September, which focuses on investment and encompasses new debt of EUR 96 billion to further mitigate the blow dealt by Covid-19. The budget still needs to be approved by parliament.

Two-wheelers market trend in October

The trend of new motorcycles and scooter sales in Germany this year is impressive confirming the huge push obtained by the industry after the covid 19 spread, due to the needs more more individual mobility. This trend is clear in all the countries in the World, but Germany (together with other smaller European countries, like Sweden and the Netherlands) sharply confirm with facts this trend.

In recent months sales have reported a growth at +50% speed compared with the correspondent period last year and even in October, when the covid 19 “second wave” caused several restrictions to people live and mobility, new motorcycles sales have been strong with total 12.464 sales, up 23.8%. After ten months in the 2020, sales have been 213.178 (+14.8%).

Brand wise, the market leader in the first ten months is Piaggio with 28.159 (+20.0%) ahead of the former leader BMW with 25.253 (+0.3%) and Honda with 22.906 (+19.3%).

In fourth place Yamaha with 19.497 (+17.5%) followed by KTM  with 19.297 units (+20.2%), Kawasaki with 16.836 units (+19.6%) and Harley-Davidson with 9.760 (-1.5%).

Market Outlook 2020-2025

In the Beyond Covid19 project, we are revising on monthly basis and sharing with our Clients the 2020-2025 motorcycles market outlook. Demand for a more individual mobility and the increased offer of more performing electric scooter is speeding up the industry trend.

Following the superb September performance we have further upgraded the next months outlook with a full year 2020 sales projection at 225.000, the best level in the last decade. And 2021 outlook is even more optimistic.

Germany Motorcycles