Brazil. Kawasaki shines & Harley cries in a market falling 7.7% in August

Brazilian Motorcycles Market
Brazilian Motorcycles Market

Brazilian Motorcycles Market in August was already back in negative territory after only to months of shy growth. Total sales at 96.415, down 7.7%, further deteriorating the annual outlook. After the first eight months, sales have been 564.740, down a sharp 21.6%.

Two-wheelers sales in August

The evolution of 2020 trend within the motorcycles industry in Brazil is in line with our expectations. The lackness of immediate actions against Covid 19 have created a permanent reduction on customer demand and the market is struggling.

In August the balance was again in red, after only two positive months, with total sales at 96.415, down 7.7%, further deteriorating the annual outlook. After the first eight months, sales have been 564.740, down a sharp 21.6%.

Looking at the categories’ performances in the first eight months, the Scooter +50 segment is falling in double-digit (-26,1%) as well as Motorcycles +50, down 22,8%.

Brand-wise, the leader is Honda with 443.300 units sold in eight months (-24.8%), followed by Yamaha with 91.585 (-5.3%) and the fast growing Kawasaki with 6.127 units (+25.9%).

In fourth place BMW with 6.080 (-4.7%) followed by Suzuki with 5.704 units (-28.7%) and Harley-Davidson with 2.907 (-24.0%).

Motorcycles Market Trend

In January 2020 the market grew 10,9% with sales at 90.745. However, February and March showed a slightly negative performance, registering -1,8% and -0,8% respectively.

After Covid19 outbreak and the subsequent faulty pandemic management caused the market to lose a huge 94,3% in April with 5.173 units sold. In May sales went down again 80.9%, with 18.356 registrations.

In June we finally found signs of recovery with total sales at 76.189, up 5.5 from the correspondent month last year. However, the first half was one of the worse in last 20 years with only 377.126 sales, down 28.7%.

Sales recovery was again shy in July with 91.454 units, up only 4.9%

Market Outlook 2020-2025 improved from the previous month

In the Beyond Covid19 project, we are revising on monthly basis and sharing with our Clients the 2020-2025 motorcycles market outlook.

In case of Brazil, recent month’s data confirmed a shy trend and the full year is projected at 941.000 units, down 12.7%, while the 2021 recovery is foreseen slow, although the pre-covid trend was almost positive.

Brazilian Motorcycles Market
Triumph Street Cup 1.3 2017

In 2019 sales up 12% at 1.07 million units, ranking 8th in the World

Brazilian 2-wheeler market is the largest in Latin America and one of the Top 10 in the World. Hit by the economic crisis in the 2014, the market had fallen down rapidly from 1.59 million units achieved in 2013 to  814.440 in 2017.

However starting in the 2018 the market has approached a positive pathway, still in place, fuelled by the growing internal demand. According to data released by the Brazilian Minister of Transportation, the total motorcycles, scooters and ATV sales in the 2019 have been 1.072.391,  up a robust 12.0%, the highest level in the last four years.

At the end of 2019, Brazil ranks as the 8th largest motorcycles market in the World, ahead of Mexico and Taiwan, and a step back to  Thailand and Pakistan.

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