France. Motorcycles market rebound slows pace in August

French Motorcycles
French Motorcycles

French Motorcycles Market registered a positive trend (+11,1%) in August with total registrations at 25.477. However, market recovery slows, leading the YTD outcome at 198.625 units (-9.8%). Indeed, forecasts for the full year 2020 slightly worsens (-6.5%).

Two-wheeler sales in August

During the eighth month of the 2020 French motorcycles market showed again a double-digit growth. Indeed, in August sales went up 11.1% with total registrations at 25.477 units sold.

Despite the latest months positive results, the market recovery is not as strong as in other major European countries like Italy. Accordingly, France’s economy is experiencing  a slow recovery with expectation of a rise in the jobless rate.

The outcome Year to Date August displays a trend down 9.8% with 198.625 registrations.

Analysing categories’ performances, we report the negative YTD trends of Motorbike +50 (-3.3%) and of Mopeds (-10.5%), while Scooters +50 is positively performing (+7.7%).

As far as by CC class, electric vehicles performance YTD is losing in double-digit, down 23.9%.

Brand-wise, Yamaha sold 26.209 units YTD (+1%), followed by Honda with 20.742 (-14.5%) and Piaggio 18.449 (+4.1%). Behind BMW with 12.107 (-4%), Kawasaki with 11.040 (-12.2%), Peugeot – slipping in sixth position – with 10.903 (-22%) and SYM with 7.127 (+9.7%).

Motorcycles Market Trend

The recent years positive pathway was still place in france at the end of February. Year to Date February sales were 40.463, up 9.8%.

Unfortunately the risk correlated to the development of Covid19 in the country has been underestimated by the government and first measures had been taken only in Mid-March a bit lately to avoid a vast contagious spread over the country.

Motorcycles plants and dealership have been shutdown from the last week of March to the first week of May.

In March sales fell down above expectations with 14.179 sales (-52.2%) ending the first quarter with 54.650 units, down 17.8%. 

Unfortunately sales in April, with all plants and dealers closed, were only 5.340 units (-82.6%).

In May sales have been encouraging and a much better than expected reaching 26.619 units with only 15.3% of lost from the correspondent month last year.

June sales were 43.196, up a robust 31.5% ending the first half 2020 with 129.873 units, down 20.0%.

Sales keep growing in July, closing at plus 21,2% with 43.344 units.

Market Outlook 2020-2025

The reactiveness of French government to Covid19 economic impact was outstanding and the country is working with huge sustain in the “new normality”. The demand for a more individual mobility and the increased offer of more performing electric scooter are positively affecting the recovery within our industry. However, in the automotive industry, the Government is focused on sustaining the car sector, in which it is heavy involved. 

In the Beyond Covid19 project, we are revising on monthly basis and sharing with our Clients the 2020-2025 motorcycles market outlook. Since August 2020 we noticed a slowdown in French motorcycles’ sales performance, leading to full year 2020 projection at 276.000 units, down 6.5% from the previous year.

The 2021 will allow the market to be back at pre-covid level, despite the effects of stage 5 emission level (due in January 2021), while consumer’s demand will change the mix within the market, accelerating trends in place before the virus and showing new trends.

French Motorcycles

In 2019, Peugeot was outstanding in a fast growing market

Since years French market is the largest in  Europe. In the 2019 France was ahead of  Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey while at Global level the market is only the 20th, ahead of Italy and behind Peru (19th), Nigeria (18th) and Japan (17th).

In the period 2017-2018 the market was affected by the introduction of new European limits for emissions, which has been  the main reason for the last year decline is in the new European emission regulation, the stage euro 4, introduced in January 2018, forcing the manufacturer to register with the end of December all euro 3 models is stock. The effect for a bulk of self-registrations in the Q4 2017 which pushed the year at the best level of this decade, 285.027 units, heavily penalizing the first half 2018 figures, with 2018 figures declining at 266.656 (-6.4%).

According to data released by the French Minister of Transportations, in the 2019 the demand for two-wheeler vehicles was outstanding with sales boomed 15.7% at 308.422, the highest level since 2012.

The 50cc scooter segment reported the strongest increase, up 24.9% and represents today the 28.2% of the market, while scooter over 50cc segment increased 5.9% and Motorcycles segment 11.7%, representing the 41.7% of the total.

Looking at the mode versions, the fastest growing segment is the Supermoto (+115%) followed by the Touring (+20.5%) and the Street (+16.6%).

The electric vehicles segment is fast growing and in the 2019 hit the all time record with 16.962 units, up 35%, representing the 5.5% mix on total market.

French Motorcycles