Germany. Piaggio top seller in a June market boomed 33%

Germany Motorcycles
Germany Motorcycles

Germany Motorcycles Market boomed 33% in June ending the first half in line with the previous year and projecting the entire 2020 at the second highest level in this decade. While the market leader, BMW struggles (-6.5%) the import leader, Piaggio, shines (+28.2%). EVs segment is up 75% and the leader, Niu Technology is up 127%.

June market above expectations

New motorcycles and scooter sales in Germany boomed up in June with 27.818 sales (+33.4%) although the market has been already the best among the largest European countries.

Thanks to this data, the year over year gap was totally absorbed and the first half ended flat from the previous year, projection a annual positive gap for the second half.

In June, the market leader was Piaggio with 4.172 (+28.2%) ahead of Honda with 2.937 (+44.2%), KTM with 2.553 (+49.5%), Yamaha with 2.473 (+31.4%) and the former leader, BMW, which is struggling selling 2.295 units (-6.5%) and reporting a first half volumes down 10%.

The electric scooter market is fast growing with June sales up 75.7%. The market leader is the Chinese Niu Technology, which was reported up 127%.

Motorcycles Market Trend

According to data released by the German Minister of Transportations, in the 2019 the two-wheeler industry in Germany was almost positive, scoring the second highest sales level in this decade and keeping the moderate while steady growth started in the previous year.

Total sales have been 194.002, up 6.1% ranking in 25th place in the World and in fourth in  in Europe,  after France, Italy and Spain and ahead of Turkey.

While 50cc moped segment declined a further 5%, the motorbike segment grew up 5.6% and the scooter over 50cc segment grew 9.7%, driven by the electric segment, boomed +507%.

The total electric segment reported a record of 2.547 sales, up 79% from the previous year, representing the 1.3% of the total market.

The 2020 start was outstanding reporting a huge increase in January (+42%) before to moderate in February (+3.7%) and lose in March (-19.8%) and in April (-28.2%) when it was anyhow the best performer among the Big 5 European countries and the largest country for volumes in the entire continent.

The Covid19 experience left people with more desire from freedom and mobility, individually if possible, and the German two-wheeler market reaction in May has proved. Our expectations were already positive, but sales data exceeded the forecast anticipating the recovery. Sales were 26.633, up 14.6%.

Market Outlook 2020-2025 improved from the previous month

In the Beyond Covid19 project, we are revising on monthly basis and sharing with our Clients the 2020-2025 motorcycles market outlook. Demand for a more individual mobility and the increased offer of more performing electric scooter is speeding up the industry trend.

Following The superb June performance, we have enhanced the 2020 outlook, projecting the full year at 205.000 units, up 6.1%, representing the second highest level in this decade.

In the 2021 a near 10% is expected, hitting the best performance in the decade.

Germany Motorcycles