Egypt. In the 2019 the market kept falling down

Bajaj Boxer 150_Cafe racer modified

Egyptian Motorcycles industry felt down 34% in the 2019 continuing on the negative pathway started few years ago. Indeed the market had been penalized by increased price due to high inflation and new duties which killed the relevant rickshaw segment. The motorcycles segment has been moderately positive with Bajaj as market leader ahead of Honda.


Market Trend

Egypt is one of the largest Motorcycles market in Africa.

In recent years the market followed an upside-down trend hit by several adjustments taken by governments aiming to limit the import and sustain the local production and eventually the export (currently at negligible level).

Indeed the results have poor an despite the not growth of local production, sales have been penalized by high duties and high inflation, losing progressively terrain. The last arguable decision was taken at the end of the 2018 when new duties has been imposed on the rickshaw segment, exactly when the Italian Piaggio was starting local production and distribution, with the results of a fall of the rickshaw segment by over 60% in the 2019.

Actually the domestic market is far from the splendor of over 10 years ago and the progressive increase of prices due to the higher safety and lower CO2 emission required for new models is constraining the market with over 70% of circulating park aging more than 10 years.

Looking just at the last seven years, total volume declined from near 500.000 units sold in the 2012 to 177.000 in the 2019, when the decline from the previous year was 34%.

Data available regard over 50 cc engines, while the best estimate for the small moped, dominated by hundred thousand vehicles imported from China, isĀ  around 200.000 units annually.

The market leader is – by far – the Indian Bajaj Auto with 47.8% of market share in the 2019, when a robust increase in the two-wheeler sales was not enought to balance the drop of rickshaw segment. The best-selling models is the Boxer 150, produced locally in partnership with the strong Egyptian distributors.

In second place there is Honda ahead of Kymco which produced locally since the 2015 and SYM.