ASEAN. In 2019 motorcycles sales grew up 5%, booming in Singapore & Malaysia

Asean Motorcycles

ASEAN Motorcycles Industry represents the 22.4% of the global two-wheeler market and in the 2019 consolidated the position with sales up 5.3%, at the second highest level ever of 13.75 million units. Honda dominates ahead of Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. However, BMW, Triumph, KTM, Piaggio, Ducati are producing in the region and Harley-Davidson is arriving.


ASEAN Region

The Association of South Asian Nations is an economic region including countries fast growing under several indicator (populations, economy, development, social conditions and others) and actually represents one of the most interesting World economic region. It includes already developed countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei and others countries, still with a low development and low pro capite revenue, but in a fast track, like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia.


Motorcycles Market Trend

Probably in no other industry, the ASEAN region is so relevant in the global chessboard like in the motorcycles.

Indeed, the regional market represent a huge 22.4% of the global motorcycles salesand includes many of the top 10 countries.

In the 2019 the region (data for Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Brunei are – at the moment – not included) scored the fourth increase in a row ending at the second highest sales level ever, not far from the 2013 record of 13.9 million units.

In the 2019 sales have been 13.75 million, up 5.3% from the previous year.

Looking at the single country performance, Thailand  scored a step back from 2018, losing 3.3% and Vietnam, which is the second market in ASEAN and the fourth in the World, lost 3.7% from the all time record established in the previous year.

Indonesia, the largest country in the region and the third in the World, reported 6.5 million sales, up 1.3% from the previous year, while it is still far from the 8 million units of record volume established few years ago.

It is really impressive the Philippines track, with the 8th consecutive all time record established in the 2019, while the smaller country, Malaysia was the fastest growing, with 15.9%. Even Singapore is fast growing, with 2019 sales at the record of 16.858 units.

Behind there are Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, for which we have not yet consolidated data and can not report about.

Asean Motorcycles
Honda CBR250RR_2017

Competitive Landscape

There are over 200 motorcycles brands on sales in the region, but the level of concentration is among the highest world-wide.

Producing locally in all countries, Honda was able to deliver in the 2019 a record of 9.4 million units and is projected near the 10 million milestone in a couple of years

The second best manufacturer was Yamaha with 3.0 million sales in 2019.

In third place Suzuki with 483.000 units followed by Kawasaki with 320.000.

In recent years several brands approached the market coming from Europe, US and India but actually no one reported a real success, having failed the approach with the local customers. Ducati, Triumph, Piaggio and BMW are producing in Thailand, while KTM, the fastest growing premium brand was the last to land in the region, opening facilities in the Philippines, while it is already planning a second plant, in Indonesia. Harley-Davidson is ready to further boost with operations in Thailand.