Morocco 2018. Sales fell down for the 4th year in a row

Morocco Motorcycles
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Morocco Motorcycles Market kept losing terrain in the 2018, when sales fell down near 10k compared with the previous year. The industry is still under the effect of the 2015 law which requires the registrations of all vehicles, including the below 50cc, causing a shock to a market dominated by low-displacement moped imported from China.


Morocco Motorcycles industry is in search of new identity after that since mid-2015 new rules are in place for the import and homologation of 50cc moped and scooter. Indeed, no rules were in place before and the Government aimed to define standard for quality, aware that less than 10% of scooter imported in the country where below the quality and safety standards recognized in Europe.

The Government issued a law on the subject in the 2010 giving 5 years to the industry to complain the new standard and from May 20th, 2015, motorcycles with 50 cc must be registered – so previously homologated – as already required for the models above the 50cc.

It was not a case if the total industry record was hit in the 2014, anticipating the introduction of new rules, with total volume at 180.000 units, of which near 80% were below 50 cc, with absolute leadership for moped imported by China. After the introduction of 50 cc registrations the market starts to be transformed despite the respect of the law is yet not a priority both for distributors/importers and for local authorities and the market figures are still below the real market.

Of course, the introduction of new rules and limits have affected the market, with a total volume declined in these years, as many customers decided to keep utilizing old models and import of used old vehicles from Europe grew up.  At same time, it started a trend like those in place in Europe, and the consumers, having lost most of the reasons to buy a 50 cc, shifted their preference to motorcycles with larger engines, 125-150-250 cc.

Keeping a negative trend with near 10k units lost each year, in the 2018 the total two-wheeler sold has been near 120.000. Near 90.000 units are within the 50cc segment, dominated by Chinese low-cost moped. Near 25.000 units are in the range between the 51 cc and the 350 cc while high displacement motorcycles are less than 5.000.