Zanella. In 2018 celebrated the 70th Anniversary

Zanella Ceccato 250

Zanella is an Argentine brand leader in the motorcycles production and sales in South America, established 70 years ago and icon of Argentine industry, employing near 1.000 people and selling just over 100 K per year. In The 2018, while celebrating the 70th anniversary, they have lost the leadership in the home market.

Global Sales

Zanella is selling in Argentina exporting just few units in the surrounding countries. However, they have achieved the leadership in the domestic market since 2010 and defended it with tenacity until the 2018, when were overtaken by Honda, more able to manage a sudden market crisis.

The record sales was established in the 2017 with 125.752 sales and that was the first time above the 100k sales in a year. Last year sales declined 19.7% at 100.932.

Brand Heritage

Zanella is an Argentine motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1948, which started producing motorcycles in the ’60, under licence received by the Italian Ceccato motorcycles producing 100 and 125 cc engines designed by Fabio Taglioni, the famous designer of Ducati engines. Homequartered in Caseros, near Buenos Aires, the company operates with two plants, on in Caseros and one in San Luis and today represents a unique successful case of local brand, totally designed, produced and distributed in Argentina (and in few surrounding countries).

Zanella’s produces mopeds, motorbikes, bikes, quads, karts and 4-stroke engines, ranging from 50 to 500 cc. However, only the mopeds are manufactured in Argentina, at its plants in Caseros and San Luis; while almost all other products are imported; usually in the form of knock down kits.

Its plants have an installed production capacity (between manufacture and assembly of imported motorcycles) of 12,000 units per month with approximately 1,000 direct employees and 3,000 indirect employees.

On December 22, 2018 it great party has been organized in the plant for  to celebrate the 70s years from the foundation, attended by politics, dealers and employees.